Friday, December 17, 2004


What a month it has been! It was my first time to do facilitating work relevant to equipment acquisition, and everything has been so cooperative (thank God!). The only thing that's keeping me from getting giddy with anticipation over the delivery of those servers is the fact that the PO hasn't been issued yet. It seems to me that Purchasing people have this degree of power over everyone else, in the sense that they can always mull over our longing to have stuff bought right away and decide to do delaying tactics just for the hell of it.

I wished we had arrived earlier for the second day round of technical sessions of the 1st ICT summit held here. Flight delays brought about by the big typhoon caused major shifting of schedules and I'm pretty sure a lot of people missed the sessions they signed up for, except maybe for those ICT die-hards who spent three whole days there and attended all the tracks they could. Dominique Cimafranca of IBM was to talk about Data Management Storage Solutions and we missed his session! It would have been nice if we got him to address some of our concerns, yada yada yada.

Hope IBM delivers before the year ends. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

what's in a name?

with thanks to bench. :D

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PGMA's visit to our solar plant facility lasted 45 full minutes, which is way longer than her usual visits, according to the PSG. Maybe they were just being nice.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


got this from bench...thanks kau bai. :)

you got to be kidding...i'd love nuthin more than whip simon's ass everytime he opens his mouth, and i get this??? *boo*

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Saturday, April 24, 2004


i got my snout buried in sheets and sheets of system design and specs. i'm complaining almost a fraction of a decibel higher each passing day. i love this job! idiot.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


ah, am i hearing Bill Gates toss and turn and moan in his sleep?

Leading Open Source Software Companies MySQL AB, Sleepycat Software and Trolltech AS Prove Strength of Dual-License Model

16 March 2004 - Sleepycat Software, Trolltech AS and MySQL AB today jointly announced that 2003 software license revenues for the companies increased an average of 65 percent over the previous year, largely due to their use of the dual-license business model. This increase is 10 times the overall growth of U.S. IT industry spending in 2003, measured at only 6.4 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Read more

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Friday, February 27, 2004


gaddamit! i look like an extinct galunggong! pareha ra ta bench!





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Friday, February 20, 2004


hearty dinner last night: kinilaw, pork chop, sweet and sour pork, stuffed crabs, bubbly sprite on ice, and red ribbon mamon, ensaimada, & yogurt for dessert. *burp!

Sunday, February 15, 2004


thanks to bench! hmmm...i admit, i had to refresh a couple of times cuz they all had filipino words in them and honestly, they didn't even make sense to me. hahaha.


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Friday, February 13, 2004


watched the CSI premiere last night (yea, i guess Asia's only watching the new season episodes now, thanks AXN!) and couldn't get enough of it! (as usual) lolz. it was a bit frustrating though to see "To Be Continued..." at the end....lolz. it was a refreshing reprise of the kind of forensic shows we've gotten so used of, thanks to jerry bruckheimer. let's face it, CSI paved the way for real and "authentic" forensics for the layman. more, more!!!

CSI Miami was okay, di ko lang feel ung actors. lolz. yea, i'm very very biased. now if someone can tell me what the rerun skeds are...

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


juryse, my dear dear ati...:P happy birthday! sana u stay as sweet and as patient as u were last year nung bata ka pa at natitiis mo pa ung pangaalaska namin ng lolo mo...*blub blub blub! :P

ack kahapon lang bad. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2004


m down to my last two modules before this quarter ends. the first modules have been deployed and parallel-tested, with just a bit of flak coming from "concerned" users (since they're sooo used to stand-alone applications, they think that intranet applications would have the same degree of difficulty, more or less). hell my scripts generate 5k lines of values each for 10 different select elements and they wanted a more "user-friendly" output. tsk. :P

i posted a concern of mine on the Open Source Software Association - Phils. message board and got this for an answer from one of "them".
first of all, let me iterate on few keypoints, branded computers like the IBM/RS6000 is not TOY, and is not Cheap, for that reason it is should be running critical applications, coz your paying for it, i dont see a reason why should turn in into a frankenstein, i suggest you focus on the problem at hand. linux and freebsd are fun to play with, but it always been a common practice not to play on production environment.

my reply:
I agree that the RS6000 B50 is not a "TOY" as you call it. It has been running several of our most critical applications since we acquired it. These applications are to be ported to another machine in a month (on an HP NetServer), which will leave the B50 unused. I am currently running intranet applications on an old P3 machine and am offered to use the B50 for these applications, which are very much critical as far as we are concerned as the bulk of data entry and processing occurs via intranet. Rest assured, we are not "Frankenstein-ing" boxes here, as we all know the value of our machines. I'm just opening myself to options; thus this research. Thanks for the suggestions though.

oh well...some people seem more aghast when i go tell them that we have an IBM server here, much more when i ask them if i could try and run FreeBSD on it. they all think it's sacrilegious or sumthin. so blame me, i'm finding a good use for it :P


Friday, January 9, 2004


onyks: just a thought, man. thought i'd let u and other open-source advocates read this. :)

Mr. Richard Stallman in his article: The Free Software Community After 20 Years: With great but incomplete success, what now? said, and i quote:

"If you take as your goal the increased popularity of certain free software, if you seek to convince more people to use some free programs some of the time, you might think those non-free program are helpful contributions to that goal. It is hard to dispute the claim that their availability helps make GNU/Linux more popular. If the widespread use of GNU or Linux is the ultimate goal of our community, we should logically applaud all applications that run on it, whether free or not.

But if our goal is freedom, that changes everything. Users cannot be free while using a non-free program. To free the citizens of cyberspace, we have to replace those non-free programs, not accept them. They are not contributions to our community, they are temptations to settle for continuing non-freedom."

great, huh? let's get that advocacy thingie started! :D

Wednesday, January 7, 2004


nuthin new...i still got sPrOcK up to my neck trying to fix wut went wrong with the servers over the holidays. why do unwanted things have to happen when nobody's in the office? :D

happy three kings! whoopeee for Philippine politics! thanks to the upcoming elections, my job is starting to sound like a lost cause or sumthin. my wife's about done with her nursing anyway, but it'll be another 2 years or so before she can go anywhere; unless some hospital needs a nutritionist/dietician first, nurse second...then maybe, just'll be a lot earlier.

can't get jakarta-tomcat-5.0.16 to cooperate with apache...or IIS. the connectors i needed aren't coming off the racks as nightly builds anymore. hahaaay...anyway, i wouldn't be advocating open source if i didn't believe in it so...imma shut my trap now hehe...

Sunday, January 4, 2004

one more time...

aight, this is probably the last time i'm gonna be changing accounts here. i'm getting too old for this poppin' syndrome, and i just hope that all of my friends (parang andami noh? hehe) would understand. i want to re-establish, re-build, and put some stability naman to my entries. meantime, imma wait till i finish archiving (nyek...parang andami din noh?) my previous journals, which i will then delete for closure.

it's almost lunch i better be heading for home. it's supposed to be a no-work day today pero i don't have any qualms...kahit half-day lang at least it pays. di bah kownie?? :)