Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank you!

I am home, and enjoying my second lease in life, one slow day at a time. I have never been hospitalized for something as life-threatening as DHF with complications before, so it's a bit frustrating that even when I'm already out of the hospital, I could not move around as much as I want. I could not even attempt to lift and carry my son when he feels like asking me to hoist him up. I can only manage a few hours of work now and what's more disheartening is knowing that I can no longer recoup a week's worth of missed work. Well, that's how it is with us road warriors/freelancers.

But I am alive. I survived my first bout against DHF + pneumonia, and I have God, family, and all the people He used to get to me, to thank for.

So I'm taking this moment to write and thank EVERYONE who reached out, spread the word, contacted other people, prayed, donated blood, consoled my wife, watched over me when everyone else was exhausted, and so much more.

You are all AWESOME and I know God sent you all to remind me that He is POWERFUL and ABLE, and that if He wills it so, my recovery was just there for the taking. I simply had to claim what He has already planned for me.

I may not be able to name everyone and if you're one of them, know that deep in my heart I know you, and God knows you, and He will bless and prosper you a hundred-fold because of your kindness.

To Robert, NadineAlyssa, and all those who donated blood and lent us their donor cards (Sherlabs, Ian, Ramil, Justin, Joy, and Rogel), I will be forever indebted to you. Emee, Jeanette, Jenipur, Butch, Romar, Marj, Alma, Eugene, and Twinkle, you have been a great support group. My wife wouldn't have derived as much strength had it not been for your visits and help. To Sonny Boy, Rob, Mitch, and all of Jenipur's friends who shared Mae's posts and helped spread the word, thank you!

To our life group, especially Ptr. Jones and Donna, who have constantly prayed for us, thank you for visiting and for helping Mae through her most trying times. Ptr. Janssen and everyone else who prayed for me @VictoryCDO, thank you so much. Ptr. Babes Mendoza, thank you po for being there on day 1 and for praying for me.

To my kababata's, neighbors, and friends from back in LIDE, thank you for all of your prayers. Plang, Julie, Micmac, and Tita Jo, thank you for sharing Mae's posts and helping get the word around. It's been many years since we left LIDE, yet it feels like we haven't really left. It's amazing because you all still care very much. Thank you for the overwhelming LIDEAN support!

To Mae's friends from UP who shared her statuses and updates, thank you so much for spreading the word. To EJ, Driq, Paul, Joseph, Sherwin, Sunshine, Dulce, and all my friends in Twitter, Shell-Matrix, and other online communities, you guys rock. Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. To my colleagues at work who prayed for me and sent well-wishes, thank you so much!

To Fely, my mother, thank you for flying to CDO and helping with watch duty. Your presence helped Mae muster enough strength to keep fighting for us. To my father, Lucilo, and brother, Jeffrey, thank you for the calls and words of encouragement. To my father-in-law Elben, thank you for making sure my needs are met and for rushing to and from the blood bank, the hospital, and the house. To my mother-in-law Juliet, thank you for making those important calls to fellow doctors and for keeping the nurses on their toes by calling the station often for updates and instructions. Special thanks to Dr. Reuben Sedigo for checking on me twice each day. Those visits meant so much to us. And most importantly, to my doctor/specialist, Dr. Gina Akiat, who did so much for us and for always reassuring Mae that things are going to be fine.

And to my wife Mae, thank you for never leaving my side. I know you said I should fight and that's what I'll do. I'll keep fighting for you and our kids, and yes, I'll learn to stop and smell the flowers once in a while. I love you so much!