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(note: this here's a repost. check out original post . sorry hehehe.. m finally leaving academic life. how long has it been gani? 9 years. sheesh. but i'm happy i'm this close to the finish line. now i'm pressured to grab my MS on the fly with all the projects i'm doing. I NEED A JOB! lol. i need the money for paying back people who believed i'd still get to finish this degree. :) btw, connie, i never thought benson here's the same benson i see in mozzie and shell. i suicided in mozzie na. u can still catch me at the shell matrix: 2223. if u got an account there, check out the website as well. lol just one of the crazy shit i've been doing. onyks ma mahn...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yesh, i am trigger. peace...and i love u all! :)

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[Jul. 30th, 2003| 09:18 am ] Current Mood | high Current Music | One - Metallica (as performed by Korn) papa's birthday yesterday. so was my mom-in-law's. so was my favorite uncle's. i got to call my pop early just to tell him i got him a singing-chickens bday card. ahh the wonders of flash... and free hallmark ecards! :P kahapon was terrible. i ate like a pig. i slobbered on my wine glass like a st. bernard. now i feel like a sloth. tsk. i'm happy though. :) sup everyone? y'all have a great day today. worm, i sent u smail today. not sure when u log in there kasi. onyks, u always hear this from me. get a grip and shake urself free from ur remorseful self! make ur mark, just make sure u'r aiming at the right target! lolz. u now have mine and worm's stories to think about. :P later! 2 comments [Jun. 4th, 2003| 05:07 pm ] m thinking...maybe i should make an integrated registration system and sell this to xu. or maybe not. i want all those bubbling freshies

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Yaaaaaaah!!! I burned myself with my own cig butt! Sheesh. Don't underestimate the butt. Surely, it'll want to get back at u after u've used it, (kaw kaya sipsipin at paglaruan dyan!) even more if u don't thank it for at least serving its purpose! My wife's giving birth anyday now and I'm just sooooo excited! Huh? Am I ready u mean? To be a father yes but frankly, we don't have everything ready for the baby; y'know, the post natal stuff u need to have. Tsk! Tag-hirap chong! Who says u have to be a politician or an actor so u could stay in the delivery room too? Dammit! If that were true then where's the fun? Sorry muh dearest wife, I know it aint fun pushing and laboring, but hey... those movies of husbands sticking with their wifes show a kind of elation that I wanna feel first-hand! Screw the rules! :P What's the strongest anti-migraine, over the counter drug u know? I got a bout yesterday and got bedridden almost the whole day. It's st