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Christmas 2019

Dad and mum, Jen, Rob, Ava, and Rob's parents spent the holidays here in Singapore. For once, I didn't get to take that many photos, but everything's been awesome, especially Miguel's and Ava's gift opening. Luckily, I managed to retrieve some of the most important photos, which are those of dining out! :D

Mae's Bday 2019

Dad and Mom dropped by Singapore to celebrate Mae's birthday with us. It was two days of hectic shopping at the IMM, dining out, and cooking for an instant birthday party at the flat with colleagues at work and cousins in SG! Happy birthday, pangga!

CDO and Cebu 2019

These are some of the pictures I took during the CDO (Cagayan de Oro) and Cebu legs of our 2019 trip to the Philippines. In CDO, we did a joint birthday celebration for our kids since their birthdays are just a week apart. It was a great time to catch up with extended family and friends. We then flew to Cebu City and spent a couple of days meeting family and close friends. Since Cebu has direct flights to Singapore, it made a lot of sense to make the Queen City of the South as the last stop. Check out the albums below: Cagayan de Oro Cebu