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pink tv learning system for sale

My wife and I are selling one of Kysa’s barely-used toys. It’s one of Vtech’s multi-awarded preschool consoles and one of the best educational toys around. It’s called the V.Smile TV Learning System (the ones they’re selling now are new models), and it’s in pink! It also comes with the Dora’s Fix-it Adventure game cartridge. We’re selling it for only P4,000, after we’ve taken off 20% from the original retail price. It is practically brand new as it is barely used, and it’s readily available for anyone here in the Philippines. There will be no shipping charges if you’re in Cebu or in Cagayan de Oro; meaning if you’re somewhere else, we’ll have it couriered to you and you just pay COD for shipping. If you’re interested, and would like to buy, please email me privately (jon at doblados dot net)