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Civic Stories - December 2012

I sort of miss being in the backseat. A lot of my goofing off years have been conducted within the confines of the passenger doors, backside of the front seats, and the backseat. [gallery columns="4" type="rectangular" ids="3012,3011,3010,3009,3008,3007,3006,3005,3004,3003"]

Revisited: Blog changes, etc.

I've once more moved my blog. This time, it's on my own hosting account and it's back to using WP . Same blog, different flavor now and moving forward. I've had this short discussion with a co-leader in church on going back to blogging, and he pointed out the importance of identifying to a particular niche. I said sure, it's important, but I think I wouldn't want to separate my technical gibberish from my thoughts and reflections on God and Christianity. So I was digging through old posts earlier, and in the spirit of moving, migrations, or however you'd want to call it, I thought I'd re-share with you an old post : If I pointed you to another blog of mine, would you visit that as much, considering that it would have mostly techno babble in it, and that it won’t have the indispensable “my friends” link (because it’s not on LJ)? Be kind, now.

Honor God, Make Disciples

A couple of months ago, I started attending this workshop/training for leaders at Victory CDO. It's called Training for Victory (T4V), and it was a once-a-week engagement for about 10 weeks; although it took longer than that because of several holidays around that time. We graduated and were commissioned, not as pastors, but as servants who will lead people to take on a personal relationship with Christ. By God's grace, I was also the recipient of the Award for Excellence during the ceremonies. All of the learnings I gained during the training has greatly guided me in my walk with Jesus Christ today. You see, I've constantly struggled with finding time for prayer, or for studying His Word. I've always had some reason or excuse to do these at a later time. Eventually, I'd end up not doing them anymore because work after all, takes a big chunk off my day; and I have to spend the rest of the day for family and for resting. But the Tuesday sessions brought back a discip

Kids on Photobooth

Miguel and Isabel goofing off in front of the laptop. They discovered the 4-shot option and started taking pictures by themselves. Please don't mind if I start posting more pictures here. I’ve really been keeping myself from posting these to Facebook, which was the natural tendency, no thanks to endless egging by the family. But no.  It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve wanted to steer clear from FB when it comes to posting pictures; especially of family. So yippykayay, I'm posting here, and that's it! LOL [gallery columns="5" type="rectangular" ids="2565,2566,2567,2568,2569,2570,2571,2572,2573,2574,2575,2576,2577,2578,2579,2580,2581,2582"]

Thank you!

I am home, and enjoying my second lease in life, one slow day at a time. I have never been hospitalized for something as life-threatening as DHF with complications before, so it's a bit frustrating that even when I'm already out of the hospital, I could not move around as much as I want. I could not even attempt to lift and carry my son when he feels like asking me to hoist him up. I can only manage a few hours of work now and what's more disheartening is knowing that I can no longer recoup a week's worth of missed work. Well, that's how it is with us road warriors/freelancers. But I am alive. I survived my first bout against DHF + pneumonia, and I have God, family, and all the people He used to get to me, to thank for. So I'm taking this moment to write and thank EVERYONE who reached out, spread the word, contacted other people, prayed, donated blood, consoled my wife, watched over me when everyone else was exhausted, and so much more. You are all AWESOME and I

Signal drop experiences with Motorola Canopy

Gotta finish this quick before the signal drops again.


There's a bunch of new templates on Blogger now. The last time I checked in 2009, there were just the old themes that sort of grow old on you faster than gym socks. My only gripe is that getting all of my posts imported from a Wordpress platform is rather difficult. I'm tempted to just start from a clean slate, but I have tons of notes from my old posts and I'd like to see them all from one site.