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Miguel coupe de cheveux, by Peter

Earlier today, we let Miguel tag along with us to David's in Divisoria. We weren't sure if Miguel was ready to have his first "official" haircut. After seeing all of us get trimmed by Peter (he's the only one who cuts our hair), it looked like he was okay to get one too, until someone wrapped a barber's cape around his neck and the screeching started. LOL! He did pause a few times to try to smile at the camera through tears. Awww. It took Peter about 10 minutes to properly trim Miguel's ultra fine hair since he moved a lot, and I had to hold him standing up on my lap and steady his head at the same time. But the outcome's great! Our son looks real handsome now that he has shorter hair. [gallery columns="4" orderby="post_date"]

Dimsum again

We love Dimsum Diner, but we gotta start learning to keep ourselves from eating there too often. Why? We're all high risk people, that's why. In this set, my sister-in-law was playing around with the camera settings, which explains the no-flash feature. Will try to do another shoot next time and will play with ISO and WB. Not a DSLR. Lugging that with us during family eat-outs is overkill. [gallery columns="5" orderby="post_date"]

Here's the twin! @ricpac @CagayanDeOroCT @jumords @vicmadz @carloborja @hardwyrd @katleenmae @lifediscourse

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Kysa Knows

Well here are a couple of shots of our princess, who was trying to finish off her purchases so she can brush teeth and sleep already. She's tried doing some blogging in her spare time (I think this is a good thing for her) and you can follow her here . Nomnomnom! First shot settings were F/7.1, ISO-400, shutter speed of 0.81sec Next shot used F/2.8, ISO-400, and shutter speed of 1/10sec. The better shot I think.

SVN-MantisBT Integration

I've downloaded and installed MantisBT 1.2.3stable on linode2, and after fixing permissions issues, proceeded with the installation. I stopped when I realized I didn't have the same MantisBT version on the old server. It's always better to set up MantisBT on the target server "as is", and let the install scripts handle the upgrade. I'm roughly 28% in with a server-to-server SCP of a 79Mb MySQL dump of our bugtracker. I haven't had time to check with the backups since I felt that a fresh dump is always best; but no, I remembered that several developers preferred working odd hours and they would definitely need the bug tracker up. Next up, install the different source and meta plugins needed to make this mashup work. Excellent guide here .

Ate taking her time @oMF Lit Bookshop

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I'm hungry! Where's the food??!

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Get through your email faster with Gmail Priority Inbox

This is great for people who do not use a GTD system yet. Try it and see how fast it learns. Priority Inbox Beta   Welcome to Priority Inbox! By automatically separating out your most important messages, Priority Inbox makes it easy for you to read and respond to the messages that matter.   Get through your email faster Try reading and replying to the messages in the "Important and Unread" section first. Mark anything that requires follow-up with a star, then go through the "Everything Else" section. If you leave Priority Inbox, you can return to it by clicking the link next to Inbox on the side navigation of Gmail. How it works Gmail's servers look at several types of information to identify the email that's important to you, including who you email and chat with most, how often you email with these people, and which keywords appear frequently in the emails you read.

Best friends taking time off with kids :p

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Too busy with fries...

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How to count instances of an IP address in a log file

I was looking for a quick and painless way to determine what IP addresses used our web app the most and stumbled across this excellent post . I got reminded of the power of the command-line interface and that often, I underestimate the way these commands are supposed to make a sysad's life easier. So here's a quick tip for counting unique visitors to your web app. Locate your web app's log file and do a quick scan of the last few lines. In my case, this is what I saw: - - [10/Jul/2010:00:57:29 -0400] "POST /v2/api/execute.php?method=upload_time&ver=win1.1.15 HTTP/1.1" 200 116 "-" "Mozilla/5.0" - - [10/Jul/2010:00:57:30 -0400] "POST /v2/api/execute.php?method=timestat&ver=win1.1.15 HTTP/1.1" 200 288 "-" "Mozilla/5.0" - - [10/Jul/2010:00:57:29 -0400] "POST /v2/api/execute.php?method=offtime&ver=win1.1.15 HTTP/1.1" 200 19 "-" "Mozilla/5.

The things Miguel does on a usual day

miguel1.mp4 Watch on Posterous In a month or so he'll be too big to fit in his laundry basket. He has his eye on the bigger hamper in our room. miguel2.mp4 Watch on Posterous He runs around and does the "happy feet". He also likes running while on top of the air bed, but I can't get any video of that yet as I'm too busy going after him lest he bounce too hard and hit the wall. miguel3.mp4 Watch on Posterous And he demands his time for "computer work". :)

Ever wondered how I look like after pulling an all-nighter?

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Putty on my phone FTW! ISP was acting up and was able to get Apache to work sometime past 3pm. Post-mortem shortly.

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Being a Systems Administrator @37signals (Podcast)

 I use Basecamp a lot. Kudos to these guys for making my job as a Systems Administrator more bearable than usual. :p Episode #12: Being a Systems Administrator at 37signals Time: 22:50 | 04/13/2010 |  Download MP3  |  Link to this episode Mark, Joshua, and John on life as a 37signals Sys Admin The Sys Admin team discusses hosting the 37signals apps, working with programmers, helping support, telecommuting, dealing with vendors, improving speeds in Europe, and more. Related links: Rackspace Dell Definitions: Redundancy Facebook Just Gets It Right via  

How big is a Yottabyte? - Holy Kaw!

And I got a long way to go. My next step doesn't happen in the next couple of months, and that's when I purchase a terabyte external hard drive for storage purposes. Remember back in the 1970s when 200MB was the size of a tire? Now we live in a world of gigbytes and terabytes, and the future will bring zettabytes and yottabytes in everyday life. Hello, future! k to view large Download full size (80 KB) Via  Digital Kamera . Tons of  tech . via  

New theme, needs more work

I'm doing some major cosmetic changes with this blog; and I'm sort of working off this to-do: 1. come up with a manageable set of tags 2. update posts with appropriate tags 3. look for any form of twitter integration Yes, I think I'll be blogging more now. More than anything else, I need the writing exercise.

After a busy afternoon of play, Ate Kysa attended to her brother and shared a meal with him.

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Miguel's first giddyap!

05202010.mp4 Watch on Posterous Spur of the moment thing. I was never really good with "anticipation" so didn't take a better recording gadget with us. We didn't think Miguel was going to point at the carousel since he would normally ignore this. I guess he's starting to appreciate things around him more, now that he's walking...and running...and stumbling.

Stop Jejemon Bashing

It’s not my business, but I’m really tired of all of these jejemon-bashing stuff I’m seeing in twitter and facebook. Why not make an effort to educate these language-challenged people? Come on people, this monster’s been around a long time. It just took on a new name. Let’s do something productive. ^_^


Mindanaoans have already contributed hundreds of hours for Mother Earth in the last month. Spare us. pinoytumblr : lights out.. reblog. :)

Fever and what-not's

I dare not say what we hope our daughter didn’t get that’s causing her on and off high fever since Tuesday night. We’re still hopeful that it’s some ordinary viral infection that’s been plaguing kids these hot El Nino days. My wife and I are in distress due to lack of sleep, but we’re still hopeful. We were advised to wait until 6pm tonight to get another CBC exam. That’s because aside from her fever, she hasn’t been showing the other symptoms, e.g. nausea/vomiting, joint pains, tummy pains, etc. Well, she’s known to not complain about pain unless it’s caused by a needle. So we’re not taking chances. After all, you’d do everything for your kids, right?

ang pinoy at ang Starbucks. Latte Loco? ERR. (source: teentalk)

pinoytumblr : modifyyona : 1. Only in the Philippines will you see people ditching the comfort of sipping a cup of Starbucks coffee inside the airconditioned store and preferring instead to sit outside and be soaked dry by the heat of the tropical sun. The reason? Kailangan makita ng friends/classmates/kakilala ko na nandito ako sa Starbucks! Magpapakasosyal na lang, e di i-todo ko na. The lesson? Sit where you would be seen easily the most . 2. Only in the Philippines will you see people bringing their laptops inside the Starbucks store and staying there for hours and hours just to avail of the free Wi-Fi. The reason: Para mukha talagang sosyal, kailangan busy-busyhan gamit ang laptop habang sip ng coffee. Makikisaksak pa yan para maki-charge at naka cross legs pa sa upuan para feel at home. Feeling bahay ko na itong Starbucks. I own it, you know? The lesson: Make sure to bring your laptop no matter how heavy it is. The attention you will get is priceless, anyway! 3. Only in the Phili


Goes to show that at this hour, they’re outsourcing kings! (via @bleepster)


Amp! Dammit. It’s a conspiracy! Good thing I’m not alone reading this! LOL ejpadero : jonizzzle : (via xamists ) lmfao.


Miguel on a shopping cart

Using non-standard SSH port with TortoiseSVN

Some of my students reported that they were having problems connecting to their repositories using TortoiseSVN . At first, quick checks from my end didn't reveal what caused these, but I realized soon that it wasn't a server issue. It seems like the client software that they were using (TortoiseSVN) didn't know what to make of the svn+ssh://[user]@[ip]:[port]/[repo] URL. I use RabbitVCS on my Linux boxen and get the same "Network connection closed unexpectedly" message. A colleague at work suggested that since a non-standard port for SSH is used, I should modify my  /home/<username>/.subversion/config  , look for the  [tunnels] section, and append -p [port number] for the svn tunnel named ssh. Since this particular repository is just one among the dozens I access, I can't modify the default svn tunnel. Instead, I added a custom tunnel for each of the servers that use non-standard SSH ports.   For the repo that my students were trying to access, I us

[repost] System for staying on top of priorities

I’ve tried a lot of productivity tools to get better control over my ever-bloating task lists, and none have been as effective for me, as using Gmail with the GTDInbox add-on, and Google Tasks. How I make these work for me is a result of several months of trials, using Google Tasks initially, then with custom labeling and automatic label switching with GTDInbox. The goal was simple, and that was to attain inbox zero at least once a day. GTDInbox allows me to mark or tag emails containing tasks with action, wait-for, delegated, and finished. After the emails are tagged, they get added to Google Tasks, so that I’ll have an easy way to pull up a related email for a particular task. Lastly, these emails get archived, keeping the goal of inbox zero in mind, always. What tools do you use, and have you already gotten into a rhythm of using these efficiently while working?


Coffee! Remembering my dealings with Fiorgelato back in the days.


Miguel is 9months old today. Thought I’d move his photo sets here. Added some more today, 2/12/2010.


Because pictures speak a thousand words. Pftt!


When you’re as forgetful as I am


Doug should just stick to doing “point!” :D eclair : Awwww, Doug is so cute here. Look at those eyes and ears! forky : lordartworks : cosmicsquirreljustice : (via fagtasticvoyage ) DOUG!


Jen, pre-paramore days, about 2 or 3 years ago. My daughter’s in K2 back then.

backing up

Ok, so I griped earlier about failing at being an early adopter. Just when I thought something wouldn’t launch and I turn my back, everyone else then starts getting on it and using it. :p So maybe I’ll just delete my old LJ account and start ranting here, for real. My Posterous account would then be a photoblog of sorts, since I can post directly to it via Gravity on my phone. But a part of me wants to keep my LJ account…for posterity…bragging rights if you want to call it that. Connie would be real proud. After all, she was the one who got me into blogging back in the late 90s. Bwehehe!

Miguel loves his gelato! #fb

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