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[repost] System for staying on top of priorities

I’ve tried a lot of productivity tools to get better control over my ever-bloating task lists, and none have been as effective for me, as using Gmail with the GTDInbox add-on, and Google Tasks. How I make these work for me is a result of several months of trials, using Google Tasks initially, then with custom labeling and automatic label switching with GTDInbox. The goal was simple, and that was to attain inbox zero at least once a day. GTDInbox allows me to mark or tag emails containing tasks with action, wait-for, delegated, and finished. After the emails are tagged, they get added to Google Tasks, so that I’ll have an easy way to pull up a related email for a particular task. Lastly, these emails get archived, keeping the goal of inbox zero in mind, always. What tools do you use, and have you already gotten into a rhythm of using these efficiently while working?


Coffee! Remembering my dealings with Fiorgelato back in the days.


Miguel is 9months old today. Thought I’d move his photo sets here. Added some more today, 2/12/2010.


Because pictures speak a thousand words. Pftt!


When you’re as forgetful as I am


Doug should just stick to doing “point!” :D eclair : Awwww, Doug is so cute here. Look at those eyes and ears! forky : lordartworks : cosmicsquirreljustice : (via fagtasticvoyage ) DOUG!


Jen, pre-paramore days, about 2 or 3 years ago. My daughter’s in K2 back then.

backing up

Ok, so I griped earlier about failing at being an early adopter. Just when I thought something wouldn’t launch and I turn my back, everyone else then starts getting on it and using it. :p So maybe I’ll just delete my old LJ account and start ranting here, for real. My Posterous account would then be a photoblog of sorts, since I can post directly to it via Gravity on my phone. But a part of me wants to keep my LJ account…for posterity…bragging rights if you want to call it that. Connie would be real proud. After all, she was the one who got me into blogging back in the late 90s. Bwehehe!

Miguel loves his gelato! #fb

via Gravity