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Miguel coupe de cheveux, by Peter

Earlier today, we let Miguel tag along with us to David's in Divisoria. We weren't sure if Miguel was ready to have his first "official" haircut. After seeing all of us get trimmed by Peter (he's the only one who cuts our hair), it looked like he was okay to get one too, until someone wrapped a barber's cape around his neck and the screeching started. LOL! He did pause a few times to try to smile at the camera through tears. Awww. It took Peter about 10 minutes to properly trim Miguel's ultra fine hair since he moved a lot, and I had to hold him standing up on my lap and steady his head at the same time. But the outcome's great! Our son looks real handsome now that he has shorter hair. [gallery columns="4" orderby="post_date"]

Dimsum again

We love Dimsum Diner, but we gotta start learning to keep ourselves from eating there too often. Why? We're all high risk people, that's why. In this set, my sister-in-law was playing around with the camera settings, which explains the no-flash feature. Will try to do another shoot next time and will play with ISO and WB. Not a DSLR. Lugging that with us during family eat-outs is overkill. [gallery columns="5" orderby="post_date"]

Here's the twin! @ricpac @CagayanDeOroCT @jumords @vicmadz @carloborja @hardwyrd @katleenmae @lifediscourse

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Kysa Knows

Well here are a couple of shots of our princess, who was trying to finish off her purchases so she can brush teeth and sleep already. She's tried doing some blogging in her spare time (I think this is a good thing for her) and you can follow her here . Nomnomnom! First shot settings were F/7.1, ISO-400, shutter speed of 0.81sec Next shot used F/2.8, ISO-400, and shutter speed of 1/10sec. The better shot I think.

SVN-MantisBT Integration

I've downloaded and installed MantisBT 1.2.3stable on linode2, and after fixing permissions issues, proceeded with the installation. I stopped when I realized I didn't have the same MantisBT version on the old server. It's always better to set up MantisBT on the target server "as is", and let the install scripts handle the upgrade. I'm roughly 28% in with a server-to-server SCP of a 79Mb MySQL dump of our bugtracker. I haven't had time to check with the backups since I felt that a fresh dump is always best; but no, I remembered that several developers preferred working odd hours and they would definitely need the bug tracker up. Next up, install the different source and meta plugins needed to make this mashup work. Excellent guide here .

Ate taking her time @oMF Lit Bookshop

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