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Showing posts from November, 2007

you're looking good, opensource!

opensource gets another breakthrough today, as canonical launches launchpad personal package archive (PPA), an ubuntu linux developers service intended to extend collaboration in software development and give the community equal opportunity to build and package code for ubuntu on the desktop, server, and for mobile applications. great news for those itching to modify packages and contribute to the furtherance of opensource! users can make changes on packages of their choice, and these will be published in the PPA system, somewhat like a special repository. aptly, users get the updates from the system whenever new versions of the packages become available.

on work and blogging

i haven't been updating for several important, albeit lousy reasons. work has been keeping me up at nights and i feel that if i were to write entries, i wouldn't be making much sense. technobabble is fun, but i've long outgrown this preference for writing. call it a maturing of sorts, and i'm now ready to take things (read: blogging) to higher levels i've almost completely forgotten about deepest sender, a cool firefox extension for blogging, and it's great to be using it again