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Showing posts from March, 2006

Promoting GNU/Linux through Competition

Met up with hardwyrd last night for preliminary competition planning. Also present were some of the pillars of GNU/Linux and FOSS in Northern Mindanao: Mr. Rem Taga of MPSC, Mr. Botp Peña of DMPC, and Mr. Vidor Balbon of Philcom. I hope to keep up with these guys considering that my GNU/Linux experience is so diversified and I'd have to polish skills on specific services, some of which I've not even bothered tinkering with. Can you say Dovecot or Cyrus?

"Making my way downtown..."

I heard Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” about three times the entire day, and can’t help but snort and stifle a laughing bout each time. Who doesn’t associate that song with Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) in the movie White Chicks? LOL!

Disabling ntpupdate

This has been quite overdue, as I have been wanting to disable ntpupdate since the Hoary release. What is ntpupdate anyway? It's the program that synchronizes your system time to an ntp server. NTP is a protocol for synchronising the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. Since Ubuntu defaults to an ntp server somewhere in the www, and that it will attempt to sync on boot, it causes your machine to go through a much much longer startup process if an internet connection is not available at boot time. As I am lugging my lappy around a lot and I have not much of a need for the program, I knew I had to take it out and save me minutes of boot time. Ealden taught me how to remove ntpupdate , and I suppose we can change the arguments to remove other programs as well. $ sudo update-rc.d -f ntpdate remove update-rc.d will remove any system startup links for /etc/init.d/ntpdate , or any instances of such in the different run levels. Usage is as

got Friendster?

My wife just got her account and she found it awesome; as she was able to catch up on old friends. A highschool buddy paid us a visit today and she too told me to get a Friendster account and you know, start catching up as well (she'd rather that I find out about my batch's whereabouts by myself than get bugged by me). So if you're a buddy of mine, add me to your 300+ node network of friends, jon dot doblados at gmail dot com.