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Mindanaoans have already contributed hundreds of hours for Mother Earth in the last month. Spare us. pinoytumblr : lights out.. reblog. :)

Fever and what-not's

I dare not say what we hope our daughter didn’t get that’s causing her on and off high fever since Tuesday night. We’re still hopeful that it’s some ordinary viral infection that’s been plaguing kids these hot El Nino days. My wife and I are in distress due to lack of sleep, but we’re still hopeful. We were advised to wait until 6pm tonight to get another CBC exam. That’s because aside from her fever, she hasn’t been showing the other symptoms, e.g. nausea/vomiting, joint pains, tummy pains, etc. Well, she’s known to not complain about pain unless it’s caused by a needle. So we’re not taking chances. After all, you’d do everything for your kids, right?

ang pinoy at ang Starbucks. Latte Loco? ERR. (source: teentalk)

pinoytumblr : modifyyona : 1. Only in the Philippines will you see people ditching the comfort of sipping a cup of Starbucks coffee inside the airconditioned store and preferring instead to sit outside and be soaked dry by the heat of the tropical sun. The reason? Kailangan makita ng friends/classmates/kakilala ko na nandito ako sa Starbucks! Magpapakasosyal na lang, e di i-todo ko na. The lesson? Sit where you would be seen easily the most . 2. Only in the Philippines will you see people bringing their laptops inside the Starbucks store and staying there for hours and hours just to avail of the free Wi-Fi. The reason: Para mukha talagang sosyal, kailangan busy-busyhan gamit ang laptop habang sip ng coffee. Makikisaksak pa yan para maki-charge at naka cross legs pa sa upuan para feel at home. Feeling bahay ko na itong Starbucks. I own it, you know? The lesson: Make sure to bring your laptop no matter how heavy it is. The attention you will get is priceless, anyway! 3. Only in the Phili


Goes to show that at this hour, they’re outsourcing kings! (via @bleepster)