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Amp! Dammit. It’s a conspiracy! Good thing I’m not alone reading this! LOL ejpadero : jonizzzle : (via xamists ) lmfao.


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Using non-standard SSH port with TortoiseSVN

Some of my students reported that they were having problems connecting to their repositories using TortoiseSVN . At first, quick checks from my end didn't reveal what caused these, but I realized soon that it wasn't a server issue. It seems like the client software that they were using (TortoiseSVN) didn't know what to make of the svn+ssh://[user]@[ip]:[port]/[repo] URL. I use RabbitVCS on my Linux boxen and get the same "Network connection closed unexpectedly" message. A colleague at work suggested that since a non-standard port for SSH is used, I should modify my  /home/<username>/.subversion/config  , look for the  [tunnels] section, and append -p [port number] for the svn tunnel named ssh. Since this particular repository is just one among the dozens I access, I can't modify the default svn tunnel. Instead, I added a custom tunnel for each of the servers that use non-standard SSH ports.   For the repo that my students were trying to access, I us