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MTA setup

Pending Tjay's visit, the reconfiguration of the Firebox will have to wait. It is important to have the CDO MTA running along with the HTTPD service in the P5-520 to be able to test the configuration in more or less "correct" conditions. Public IP: Public Alias: TODO: 1. set up of CDO MTA (HTTP and Postfix in one machine) 2. DNS entries for and 3. Verify if HTTP NAT and SMTP NAT will not have problems with multiple domains e.g. (for HTTP) and or (for SMTP) even if email addresses won't change, like that of (with CDO MTA) and (with MLA MTA)

on emacs

I have been trying to find time to install Emacs (temporarily) on jjd because I really want to get my planner running asap. It's a good thing that there is currently a good following for this editor, especially when add-on functionality is introducted: like PlannerMode , which I believe will be a very good tool for me. It will allow the conception of collaborative input/development for tasks and projects. TODO: 1. Install Emacs. On Ubuntu or any Debian-based distribution of Linux, type "apt-get install emacs21". On Windows, download and unpack the fullbin archive from (Unpack with Winzip/WinRAR). 2. Start Emacs. 3. Make a directory for your Emacs Lisp files. Could be ~/elisp or C:elisp , or something like that. 4. Download the stable version of Planner from . Unpack this in Emacs Lisp directory. Directories will be: ~/elisp/emacs-wiki ,

umpisa na!

man, this morning i sent off my kid to her first school day. she was too excited to even give me a hug before i reported for work. we decided on sending her to a montessori-patterned school for the summer so as to allow her to adjust to school life before she starts K1 in SMS this June (equivalent to Nursery in other schools). she hasn’t gone through toddler’s/playgroup class, so this will be her first. most of her would-be classmates this June already have the edge of going through toddler’s class. i still believe in burnouts though. so much for cramming…

more stf blues

1. test batch nos. 003442 (solomon) and 003444 (intra) 2. per InvtID, pick up LotSerNbr(s) as required or set by needed quantity, and insert corresponding number of rows in LotSerT 3. if i will require 3 serials, then the top non-zero LotSerNbr's will be retrieved and inserted accordingly to LotSerT 4. during release by solomon, QtyOnHand will be set to 0 and a new row will be created for the same item, with QtyOnHand set to 1, indicating that the item has moved locations/sites. no modification/update necessary for intranet 5. to supply the defaults for LotSerT, with appropriate values for LotSerNbr, LineNbr, LineRef, etc.

changes for stf

1. stf transactions (data entry) over the intranet had problems when solomon tries to do a "release now" action. 2. further analysis by LPE shows that the intranet module hasn't completely emulated the "transfers" transaction of solomon, in that the items transferred did not have corresponding serialized entries in LotSerT 3. relations: Batch 1:1 TrnsfrDoc, Batch 1:n INTran, INTran 1:n LotSerT 4. look up for LotSerT.LotSerNbr will come from LotSerMst (where all serialized items are built up) 5. SELECT LotSerNbr FROM LotSerMst WHERE InvtId='1002122' AND SiteId='LOG-MCS' AND Status = 'A' AND WhseLoc='MAIN' AND QtyOnHand > 0 ORDER BY LotSerNbr ASC