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first week school blues

I got really dissed last night waiting for instructors to report for class. It almost seemed prank-like to me, because we were all waiting for this guy to show up, and just a few minutes before we were afforded a free cut, somebody got SMS from the instructor, apologizing that he wasn't going to make it (again). It probably came late because of network lag, but I'd glady discount that because it was a 3-hr class and we waited for almost an hour for the cut. As I was not used to waiting (and doing nothing), I whipped out my notebook and started scribbling diagrams and policy tables for the firewall I was configuring for the last 3 days. Looking at these notes now, I'm glad I did them last night. I came in this morning sort of blank...and couldn't remember what I did yesterday. Creepy. Instructors better report tonight!

TODO 06/21

1. finish Perl script that will import mail accounts to the new p5 2. test alias IP and check what tcp_sync error means 3. do report on failed drive 4. finalize schedule for website design consultation sessions with concern personnel present designs to staff test clamv, amavis, & spamd configs get BERT report from MGC (from RIA) start and try to finish configuration work on vclass start migrating email accounts to p5

go San Antonio Spurs!

Robert Horry's the man!!! What a clincher for a do-or-die game 5 for the Spurs! Horry's 3 pointer shots saved his team twice, once to secure an OT, and the second to give them a 1-shot victory over the Pistons! Simply awesome!

dumbass mode

i'm really hoping my old server gets up soon so i can download my shit out and start publishing again from our own servers here. all my scripts and applications that have been published are there, and most of the updates i did are there. the server went out even before i could sync my local copies. dumbass right? like why in the world would you be doing sync from a remote? ah, but i was "live" editing...which is very very bad, imo. anyway, here's to hoping i can ssh back to that server again within the week. arghh!

getting back on track

I'm back at work. My recent sickness made me think again about my eating habits, my vices, and how I love shunning medication and prescriptions; preferring proper rest and vigorous exercise over anything pharmaceutically made. It was a community-acquired viral infection that made the insides of my lungs all pulpy and lugaw-like. I was short of getting the P200+ kind of antibiotic. It was a good thing I was responding well to what I was taking in. I now see how important medication is, especially if you're down with something viral. Anyway, I'm glad I'm not smoking anymore, so it made things a whole lot easier. I had thought initially that I wasn't getting any better any faster than when I was still smoking (coughs used to go away after a couple of days) because it took me almost a month to recover. So I made it through. My wife's getting better and she'll be able to remove the dressings by the end of the week. Kysa also went to her first K1 school day today.


My wife had a miscarriage; and we didn't know she was pregnant until her fallopian tube ruptured and had to be operated on. It was stupefying to learn about the pregnancy only when we got to the ER, but because of her recent hormonal treatment, we have gotten used to negative pregnancy test results and her very irregular monthly cycle, which, according to her OB, was just the body's natural reaction to the withdrawal from the hormones. Anyway, last May 30, at around 7pm, she started feeling faint and had these pangs of pain in the abdomen. She believed it was just another case of gastritis, or something similar to that. But by 12mn, she had felt so weak and her blood pressure dropped so low that she almost immediately went into shock. I rushed her to the hospital and was operated on quickly. Her being a doctor's daughter helped a lot, because we didn't go through usual pre-op hospital policies. It was a blessing too because if she had been opened up 30 minutes later, it