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Plug: I'm selling a Nokia 3200

If anyone's interested, we're selling a Nokia 3200. It has great features for an entry imaging-recording level gadget, plus more. I especially like the cover template cutter. Check it out from Nokia: The Nokia 3200 is a canvas for your self-expression and artistry. Create original designs with unique Cut-out covers 1 and your own pictures taken with the Integrated Digital Camera 2 . And as you create, groove to your favorite tunes on the built-in stereo radio. The Nokia 3200 completes your one-of-a-kind style and personality. Make it yours! Email me or call me up during office hours. If you need my number email me first your number and I'll call you. 1 Use only normal, plain paper used in standard printers (weight 60-135 g/m2) that is no thicker than 0.1 mm. Colors or ink used in the paper must not contain metal particles. 2 The Nokia 3200 phone supports an image capture resolution of 128 x128 pixels. The image resolution shown in the advertising materials may vary from


If I pointed you to another blog of mine, would you visit that as much, considering that it would have mostly techno babble in it, and that it won't have the indispensable "my friends" link (because it's not on LJ)? Pardon me, I never thought I'd be quoting myself this early. =). I just feel like I got to explain myself. I've been on LJ since 2000. There's a high level of pride associated with web logging that early, and I know most of us have been around and can relate to this feeling. But given that after a few years, you get your own server to use and become productive with, I doubt if you will be able to resist favoring the higher level of customization afforded to you. Now I won't start comparing web logging tools and facilities because I can't. LJ is using established methods and protocols and have carved a niche in the blogosphere. In fact, I personally think LJ should be getting royalties just by being around when web logging was still at i

just wondering...

If I pointed you to another blog of mine, would you visit that as much, considering that it would have mostly techno babble in it, and that it won't have the indispensable "my friends" link (because it's not on LJ)?


I had a good consultation session with my mentor last Saturday and I got great advise for my thesis. I'm planting my foot on GIS and applications, but the whole gamut of GIS is fairly large so I had to zero in on what I really wanted to focus on. Future research prospects on GIS led me to look up Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS . It's so cool because for starters, it's GPLed, and it will run on PostgreSQL. It's primarily designed for Linux so I need to have Cygwin run on the host that I will be using to interface with our Linux and non-Linux backends. In a nutshell, my thesis will be concentrating on GIS and data warehouse integration. Should there be an existing or current data warehouse for me to work on, I should be able to model the integration, using the appropriate schema. Should there be no data warehouse, I will have to model from scratch and present and enforce the design.


Today, I got the worst headache to date (by my standards of course). I actually dipped my head in a sink full of warm water. Ugh. By the way, I did a double take here . Wala lang.

on Dune

Ayt, it has been almost 10 years since I last watched Dune, but the plot, the lines...they all came back to me when Matt posted the Litany of Fear on his website. Sure does bring back the awe I felt back then.

[Critique] Implementing a public web based GIS service for feedback of surveillance data on communicable diseases in Sweden

Article by Per Rolfhamre 1 , Katarzyna Grabowska1 and Karl Ekdahl 1, 2 1 Department of Epidemiology, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Nobels väg 18, SE-17182 Solna, Sweden 2 Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institute, SE-17177 Stockholm, Sweden The authors have sufficiently summarized the study by including the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions or summary. The study was focused on the discussion of the considerations and technology of a created public web-based GIS service, which has already been deployed. The abstract is not entirely written in the past tense. The article doesn’t have an introduction part, and instead presented a background of the study. Although citations are made, the review of literature was very minimal. There were no references to similar works done in the area of study in this part of the study. References to similar systems are done in the discussion of results part of the study. The underlying conce

[Critique] Positional error in automated geocoding of residential addresses

Article by Michael R Cayo and Thomas O Talbot Geographic Research and Analysis Section, Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology, New York State Department of Health, 547 River Street, Room 200, Troy, NY 12180-2216, USA The authors have sufficiently summarized the study by including the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions or summary. The study has identified positional error correction as their purpose, with the objective of determining if the errors in geographic encoding could impact results. The study focused on the discussion of the ability of GIS-based applications to locate residential addresses as closely as possible with the proposed alternative method of geographic encoding using residential property parcel data, instead of the automated geographic encoding. The study emphasized on the application of GIS-based systems in public health, and how important precision in geographic encoding is to ensuring that public health studies are not compromised. There is

CSI: Season Finale

I am one with the millions of CSI fans raring to watch the 2-hour season finale of the top rated series on television. Quentin Tarantino has been tapped to direct this one and I'm sure it'll be a very, very good 2 hours. My daughter needs to sleep a good hour before that starts because she won't sleep if she sees CSI on. Like father, like daughter. I posted this on my tech blog , but I feel that I'll probably have more people see it here in LJ, which will hopefully translate to more ready answers for me. I did a script that displays my planner's buffer files. It would've been easier if I used emac's wiki publishing, but I wanted to format the output so that it'll look good on wp, and decided on it otherwise. Save for some quirks on the display, my tasks list shows up just fine. I was asking around earlier about system-dependent directory reading methods. I couldn't get my display to sort properly. So what exactly is the order in which directory items

mysql woes

In my quest to have my "dead" blog resuscitated on our new p5 server so that I have something to use for my tech notes here at work as well as my MS requirements, I downloaded MySQL-4.1.12-0.sles9.src.rpm from in the hope of getting Wordpress running on our server. I can't seem to install the darn thing. So I dl'ed mysql-standard-4.1.12-unknown-linux-gnu-powerpc-glibc23.tar.gz and tried to use the binaries instead. Viola! MySQL4.1.12 managed to run fine. The only problem is that even with all the usual accounts set up, including privileges and access rights to hosts set up correctly, wordpress can't connect to the localhost database. Baaaaad!!! I ended up setting up the database on my trusty workstation and connected to that instead. Technorati Profile



Apparently, I'm still too busy to update my journal with anything other than tech or work related stuff. So what gives? I'm still trying to get our new vClass firewall configured right. Nothing makes sense anymore, so I'm asking for tech support from the manufacturer. The supplier here doesn't know shit about what they're selling. I'm starting to dread the day when I have to tell the boss "I said this before; we should have gone BSD for our firewalling requirements!" Yak-yak. Don't you just luv finger-pointing? Well enough of that. I was supposed to start posting course work for my masterals last week. I have over 6 articles/commentaries to do. *groan* Better start working.

all about me

here's a trail of my exploits over the internet #my very first blog #don't ask why but i thought i'd make another one

first week school blues

I got really dissed last night waiting for instructors to report for class. It almost seemed prank-like to me, because we were all waiting for this guy to show up, and just a few minutes before we were afforded a free cut, somebody got SMS from the instructor, apologizing that he wasn't going to make it (again). It probably came late because of network lag, but I'd glady discount that because it was a 3-hr class and we waited for almost an hour for the cut. As I was not used to waiting (and doing nothing), I whipped out my notebook and started scribbling diagrams and policy tables for the firewall I was configuring for the last 3 days. Looking at these notes now, I'm glad I did them last night. I came in this morning sort of blank...and couldn't remember what I did yesterday. Creepy. Instructors better report tonight!

TODO 06/21

1. finish Perl script that will import mail accounts to the new p5 2. test alias IP and check what tcp_sync error means 3. do report on failed drive 4. finalize schedule for website design consultation sessions with concern personnel present designs to staff test clamv, amavis, & spamd configs get BERT report from MGC (from RIA) start and try to finish configuration work on vclass start migrating email accounts to p5

go San Antonio Spurs!

Robert Horry's the man!!! What a clincher for a do-or-die game 5 for the Spurs! Horry's 3 pointer shots saved his team twice, once to secure an OT, and the second to give them a 1-shot victory over the Pistons! Simply awesome!

dumbass mode

i'm really hoping my old server gets up soon so i can download my shit out and start publishing again from our own servers here. all my scripts and applications that have been published are there, and most of the updates i did are there. the server went out even before i could sync my local copies. dumbass right? like why in the world would you be doing sync from a remote? ah, but i was "live" editing...which is very very bad, imo. anyway, here's to hoping i can ssh back to that server again within the week. arghh!

getting back on track

I'm back at work. My recent sickness made me think again about my eating habits, my vices, and how I love shunning medication and prescriptions; preferring proper rest and vigorous exercise over anything pharmaceutically made. It was a community-acquired viral infection that made the insides of my lungs all pulpy and lugaw-like. I was short of getting the P200+ kind of antibiotic. It was a good thing I was responding well to what I was taking in. I now see how important medication is, especially if you're down with something viral. Anyway, I'm glad I'm not smoking anymore, so it made things a whole lot easier. I had thought initially that I wasn't getting any better any faster than when I was still smoking (coughs used to go away after a couple of days) because it took me almost a month to recover. So I made it through. My wife's getting better and she'll be able to remove the dressings by the end of the week. Kysa also went to her first K1 school day today.


My wife had a miscarriage; and we didn't know she was pregnant until her fallopian tube ruptured and had to be operated on. It was stupefying to learn about the pregnancy only when we got to the ER, but because of her recent hormonal treatment, we have gotten used to negative pregnancy test results and her very irregular monthly cycle, which, according to her OB, was just the body's natural reaction to the withdrawal from the hormones. Anyway, last May 30, at around 7pm, she started feeling faint and had these pangs of pain in the abdomen. She believed it was just another case of gastritis, or something similar to that. But by 12mn, she had felt so weak and her blood pressure dropped so low that she almost immediately went into shock. I rushed her to the hospital and was operated on quickly. Her being a doctor's daughter helped a lot, because we didn't go through usual pre-op hospital policies. It was a blessing too because if she had been opened up 30 minutes later, it


Going cold turkey for good. We had deliverance last weekend and I was pretty sure then that it was time to quit. I’m a few months short of making it to 15 years of puffing away, but hell I’m not going to wait for that anymore. I’m on my 4th no-smoke day, and I think I’m going to make it. Withdrawal symptoms were raging hard yesterday and I had to take the rest of the afternoon off. Felt like hurling most of the time and I was getting those “vertigo” dots flashing/drifting wherever I look. On top of it all, I’m still on drugs, getting prepped for tooth extraction. Tsk.

MTA setup

Pending Tjay's visit, the reconfiguration of the Firebox will have to wait. It is important to have the CDO MTA running along with the HTTPD service in the P5-520 to be able to test the configuration in more or less "correct" conditions. Public IP: Public Alias: TODO: 1. set up of CDO MTA (HTTP and Postfix in one machine) 2. DNS entries for and 3. Verify if HTTP NAT and SMTP NAT will not have problems with multiple domains e.g. (for HTTP) and or (for SMTP) even if email addresses won't change, like that of (with CDO MTA) and (with MLA MTA)

on emacs

I have been trying to find time to install Emacs (temporarily) on jjd because I really want to get my planner running asap. It's a good thing that there is currently a good following for this editor, especially when add-on functionality is introducted: like PlannerMode , which I believe will be a very good tool for me. It will allow the conception of collaborative input/development for tasks and projects. TODO: 1. Install Emacs. On Ubuntu or any Debian-based distribution of Linux, type "apt-get install emacs21". On Windows, download and unpack the fullbin archive from (Unpack with Winzip/WinRAR). 2. Start Emacs. 3. Make a directory for your Emacs Lisp files. Could be ~/elisp or C:elisp , or something like that. 4. Download the stable version of Planner from . Unpack this in Emacs Lisp directory. Directories will be: ~/elisp/emacs-wiki ,

umpisa na!

man, this morning i sent off my kid to her first school day. she was too excited to even give me a hug before i reported for work. we decided on sending her to a montessori-patterned school for the summer so as to allow her to adjust to school life before she starts K1 in SMS this June (equivalent to Nursery in other schools). she hasn’t gone through toddler’s/playgroup class, so this will be her first. most of her would-be classmates this June already have the edge of going through toddler’s class. i still believe in burnouts though. so much for cramming…

more stf blues

1. test batch nos. 003442 (solomon) and 003444 (intra) 2. per InvtID, pick up LotSerNbr(s) as required or set by needed quantity, and insert corresponding number of rows in LotSerT 3. if i will require 3 serials, then the top non-zero LotSerNbr's will be retrieved and inserted accordingly to LotSerT 4. during release by solomon, QtyOnHand will be set to 0 and a new row will be created for the same item, with QtyOnHand set to 1, indicating that the item has moved locations/sites. no modification/update necessary for intranet 5. to supply the defaults for LotSerT, with appropriate values for LotSerNbr, LineNbr, LineRef, etc.

changes for stf

1. stf transactions (data entry) over the intranet had problems when solomon tries to do a "release now" action. 2. further analysis by LPE shows that the intranet module hasn't completely emulated the "transfers" transaction of solomon, in that the items transferred did not have corresponding serialized entries in LotSerT 3. relations: Batch 1:1 TrnsfrDoc, Batch 1:n INTran, INTran 1:n LotSerT 4. look up for LotSerT.LotSerNbr will come from LotSerMst (where all serialized items are built up) 5. SELECT LotSerNbr FROM LotSerMst WHERE InvtId='1002122' AND SiteId='LOG-MCS' AND Status = 'A' AND WhseLoc='MAIN' AND QtyOnHand > 0 ORDER BY LotSerNbr ASC

to blog or not to no longer the question

I have recently tried out WordPress for my requirements. I fell in love with it just about immediately. Miko has expressed disgust at my trolling, but really, I haven't even started flaming other products. Not that I plan to. After all, I have started web logging in LJ, so there's /dev/null chance that I'll favor another over this one. I'm giving myself a few more weeks to play around with it. I'm just happy that I have a server that I can commandeer at any time. I'll be content if an application I need uses GPL, and as long as I am afforded a high level of customization.