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changes for stf

  • 1. stf transactions (data entry) over the intranet had problems when solomon tries to do a "release now" action.

  • 2. further analysis by LPE shows that the intranet module hasn't completely emulated the "transfers" transaction of solomon, in that the items transferred did not have corresponding serialized entries in LotSerT

  • 3. relations: Batch 1:1 TrnsfrDoc, Batch 1:n INTran, INTran 1:n LotSerT

  • 4. look up for LotSerT.LotSerNbr will come from LotSerMst (where all serialized items are built up)

  • 5. SELECT LotSerNbr FROM LotSerMst WHERE InvtId='1002122' AND SiteId='LOG-MCS' AND Status = 'A' AND WhseLoc='MAIN' AND QtyOnHand > 0 ORDER BY LotSerNbr ASC