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Revisited: Blog changes, etc.

I've once more moved my blog. This time, it's on my own hosting account and it's back to using WP. Same blog, different flavor now and moving forward. I've had this short discussion with a co-leader in church on going back to blogging, and he pointed out the importance of identifying to a particular niche. I said sure, it's important, but I think I wouldn't want to separate my technical gibberish from my thoughts and reflections on God and Christianity.

So I was digging through old posts earlier, and in the spirit of moving, migrations, or however you'd want to call it, I thought I'd re-share with you an old post:
If I pointed you to another blog of mine, would you visit that as much, considering that it would have mostly techno babble in it, and that it won’t have the indispensable “my friends” link (because it’s not on LJ)?

Be kind, now.


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