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And more waiting...

Mae was supposed to have given birth already, but all she ever had were a few minutes of labor, and they’d disappear and won’t come back until after a few hours.  The baby’s already a 7+ pounder and all he wants to do is eat more I guess.  He just keeps kicking until Mae munches on something.  Definitely, we don’t want him growing as big as Kysa when she came out; at 9.4 pounds, normal delivery! (Yeah, my wife’s a wonder woman)

I can sense that she’s really tired and wants to get it over and done with.  Even our daughter’s getting impatient.  Her exams are about done, and tomorrow, we head back to CDO.  My dilemma now is scheduling my paternity leave, because obviously, I couldn’t file for one before Mae gives birth.  So we’ll see.  I’m all excited to get home!


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