Monday, January 31, 2011

Musuan Trip

We went to Musuan, in Bukidnon. It's home to the "boob" mountain, hence the name "Musuan". Our dear Aunt Celia passed on and relatives from all over convened in CMU (where she was administrator). We spent the night in RR Family Spring Resort in Tubigon, border of Maramag, and after the wake swam in the fresh water pools, braving the intense cold. :D


  1. very nice place parang makakapag relax ka talaga. Sobrang lamig ba kaya walang ibang tao?

  2. Yes Auntie, it's quite cold because it was early morning. Most of those who checked in the houses were still asleep. Kysa and Miguel were already swimming as early as 7am. The walk-in guests started arriving around 830am and by 11am, the place was already packed.